The State of V!

Hold still” he grunted.

Thrust in . . . out. He panted as he reached the last leap in his hundred meter race.

In, out . . . and he said “I’m done. I’m done.”

Her female friends gave her a congratulatory smile while the other guys present hailed him as though doing this was of great service to mankind – though a great service it is. They just ensured that specie became endangered and more special. They had decided for their friend how to leave the State which is no surprise as they seem to watch the process every time on TV.

Take note: that happened in a junior high school. They are those children, all smartly dressed up you see hurdling in groups after school hours, the same ones you see and remember your secondary and even primary school days. You remember your innocence when you see them.

“If any girl or guy still be V, na because dem no see opportunity” (If a person is still a V, it’s because of lack of opportunity). It was discussed further that it is rare to find an 18 year old in the State of V. On and on they discussed as if virginity even for a guy is something unbearable, this from college students.

It’s crazy as majority of the world thinks this way. Besides Christianity, Morality and Conscience have also been soaked and muddled in a sticky gooey substance called, ‘Self’. It is self that would make a grown man/woman who has other associates and mates convince a girl/boy below eighteen to copulate with him or her, ignoring the consequences to the party’s mentally.

The V state is not a state you need to leave at and by all means. We brought this upon ourselves though. What we license on TV and the same society. What to do when role models are into it? Do it! Leave the State. People call those who choose to remain in the State old school, which by the way is none of their business and those who have decided to leave the State, some people would say, “Who e help?” (Who has it helped?)

Irreplaceable Vs

Leaving the State – of which there is a lot to gain either as a lady or as a guy – to have a life or acceptance is a choice. With every new territory are predators and friends; diseases waiting to pounce, viruses waiting diligently, eggs and sperms are waiting to hangout and hopefully, fulfillment! Not in the State of V? Please do humanity a great service – stop oppressing others with your decision by talking or acting to make them feel less – respect people’s decision.

And if you choose
When you choose to leave the State of V!


People of the V! Keep it up. Be wise with whom you choose leave the State with. Remember God is smiling wide. Also, say no to being stigmatized!


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