Kabby’s Song – Stepping Out

Love of my life

Fresh like kilode (what happened)? 

If I truly start the story of my life, 

Of 100pages right now I’ll dedicate 25pages to us, 

You’ve come to mean so much to me in such a short while, 

I keep using ‘I’ve never been in this before as an excuse ‘ yet you keep nurturing my love for you, 

That love that you use in doing the nurturing I pray it never dies, 

The hope for starting and standing with me I hope it never burns out,

Cause this journey just began, 

With every twist and narrowness, we’ll come forth standing tall
Love of my life, 

Friend like no other, 

To sound more like a child I’ll say God is your rival when taking my, body, my spirit, soul and mind. 

Together we’ll soar higher like never before, 

Drawing men to us like moth to flame, 

Giving the gospel fame. 
All those places we’ll go there, 

We’ll send post cards to our friends who never believed, 

All those experience we’ll have them and make memoirs of them for the world to see. 
Hold my hands one more time,

Draw me close to your side, 

Whisper warm nothing’s to my ear, 

Bring out that smile and laughter that you love so dear, 

Cause baby we’ll be so rare, 

Holding and mushy as we go….


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