No Pictures On The Wall

There was a time pictures used to hang our wall. It displayed where we were,  where we are, who we were, who we are and lots more. 

We used to play in the sitting room, screaming and shouting at eachother with fun and love.

I was eating my beautifully molded eba with soup which were on the floor while I curved my straight legs to protect it from others. 

“No! I won’t take that anymore”, she screamed as she ran into the house,  passing through the sitting room where she had just served me. 

All I can remember is he chased after her, caught her, she bit him and ran off again. He looked up in anger.

I saw glass in my soup. She ran and picked me up, crying and screaming. At last he had gotten to her, she was touched by that. He did it again. 

In the end, no framed picture was on the wall till now. 

Now he wants them, but can there be pictures on the wall? 

I’ve gotten used to not having pictures on the wall. Unconsciously, I prefer writings on the wall. 

Thanks for reading, would love to hear from you. 




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