Lumee’s Song

So I wondering how I was in a relationship over 6months and we didn’t get to fight all the time. We hardly fight, we argue and get to settle, always.

Definitely what I have been looking for in my dream woman. “Oh no” 😯 I can remember i saw this in my  dream that wasn’t clear to me, that i had an opposite of my ex it was like mission impossible. 

We do more of laughing,jokes,and planning our future.

I think I have found my angel in blue😌 I must show her to my mum and my siblings, I think they gonna like her,🤔 yes I think so she got a good act and she laughs alot.

I really don’t wanna loose her but wait a minute,  what if she’s a disguise of my dream woman? What if she isn’t the right woman?? What if my mum prays and tells me she she’s not the right one? What if our blood group doesn’t match? What if she is gonna go with another guy?? Lord please No😭  I’m definitely lost in love, I never want her to leave.

Thinking out wide about her right now, I smile because she brings so much joy and happiness to me and at the same time I cry inside because I never want her to leave, Yes I love her so much.

Ok I should start and always think possive like I always do. 

Ok I just got a call from the one my heart beats for. I definitely know my day is bright because she always brightens my day.

But wait a minute my mum told me yesterday that I had the perfect person as my partner like she as always wanted for me, she also mentioned she gave me rest of mind.

But she always like she wants to get married this year how is that possible I don’t even have 10k in my account, no job  Omg😩 I’m not thinking straight again.. No No No this isn’t happening


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