There’s Something After the Best CV


I have always wondered what it would take to make one exceptional when applying for a role in a company. 

Perfect CV, best cover letter and statement of purpose. 

In my very brief time of being a recruiter, I realize people make simple mistakes while applying for roles. 

Maybe it’s cause it’s something they feel they should just apply for or someone forced them to OR whatever reason forgetting there are some things you need to nonchalantly be careful about. 

Never forget to follow instructions given. If not given, always make your subject the role you’re applying for and your CV in your name. 

The name of your email address too, it matters. 

These are little things that gets recruiters off some people’s application, not your village people or not that your CV isn’t good enough. 

Always remember that there are 50 other people or more applying for the same position. 



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