In the world of cosmetic products for the face, there is this habit I developed over the years and that was buying lip gloss every other day I go to the store. It got to a stage I’ll have about six shades of the same color and two of the transparent one.

They never seemed to finish, I was always having them around. I got tired of having them lay around, I repented, gave/threw most out and was left with two.

These two have been with me for over two years now. Along the line I bought a couple more and ended up either giving them out or misplacing them, but those two, never!

I had to call myself to order, ask the professionals around me about the truths of lip gloss and here is what I got.

from the web I got 7 rules for wearing lip gloss and tips on applying lip gloss


I know I’m not the only one in this situation, would love to hear from you!


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