He can’t get enough of me,

When we join,

You can’t tell where I begin or end,

I love doing everything with him,

I can’t get enough of him,

Days where I feel down,

I look to him,

He smiles, 

All knowing,

Never tries to comfort me,

I seek comfort instead,

Like a wet puppy I cling to him,

He doesn’t deem me worthy of his arms
This is our love,

Twisted it is,

I never get enough of him,

He acts indifferent,

I cry,

He looks on,

I smile,

He looks,

I bleed,

Still he looks on,

Close yet distant,

With that smirk on his face,

He does nothing,

Knowing I can’t get enough of him
I still cling to him,

No one understands me like he does,

Don’t hate me for loving him so,

Or call me stupid,

Instead complete it by saying,

Crazy stupid love,

He is whole,

I am twisted,

This is love,

He is mine,

I don’t care what he thinks,

I own him,

Think what you want,

Written by me. 


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