Musings on Mousse

I was just on my own when a friend instantly messaged me, a guy, asking about the use of mousse. He had tried it out at a friends and he loved the after effect on his hair felt.

In response to that, I started my own education and yes! I have been graduated as one of the best students in the overall mousse class.

In Nigeria, mousse is mainly for dreads and hairstyles we want to make stick together and sometimes even hard. There are actually various types of mousse out there and ways to wear them for various types of hair and what you want to achieve.

Here we have one constant one, which is the Ultrasheen long lasting hold. It makes the hair feel scrunchy and hard as… it is bad!

Great news dearly beloved, Mousse is good for your hair! Natural, relaxed and even extensions. Mousse is here to love and stay. Its an hair-styling foam whose main work is to help add volume and add texture, depending on the function, combined with its functions are that it adds shine, works as gel and gives a superstar finish.

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This post is to make you repent on your sinful ways about the use of mousse. Its should be one of the must haves in a both genders hair product must haves.

Here is a link on Five reasons you should mousse your hairand how to use mousse like a Pro.

To define your curls, add texture and volume, think mousse!
Top hair mousse for voluminous look and feel

Enjoy! Cause I have added mousse to my waiting list of hair products. Would also appreciate feedback and comments.


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