Kofar Mata Dyeing Pits

Kofar Matar Dye Pits are a very historical place for the people of Kano. It was established in 1498, and are also situated in the city centre. Calculating the age,  it would be over 500 years ago, which makes it a must visit site. It houses 144 pits, though now not all all are being used because of the advent of technology, but technology cannot beat man in any way. 

See grown women struggling for a piece of the material given.

The patterns created on the fabrics and lovely with inspiring names such as; the bride and groom, the three baskets (wealth education and power), the house of parliament, the seven Northern states, etc. 

The Kano indigo-vegetable dyeing pits is an heritage as the guide said people(over 200 both male and female) working there are descendants of those that started it. Various designs are folded into the material by the women before dyeing and the fabric is often beaten to achieve a shiny, decent appearance. The techniques employed to obtain this look are unmatched around the world. And, although the methods they use are ancient, these lush works of art on fabric have remained extremely popular and have continued to be in great demand.

Please do take extra cash while visiting cause you will be tempted to buy the lovely products. 
Here’s a link to watch the video I made Kofa Mata Dyeing Pits

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  1. Deji says:

    Lovely photo.

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    1. CAMAA says:

      Thank you


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