Heels and I 

While growing up, I was not a normal school girl with normal shoes. I sold everything possible, if it was possible to sell my food to buy something else, I would. I forced my elder brother to make snake and ladder games to sell to my classmates.

Back to the shoe talk, I was always wearing wedges and heels to school. As far as it was not flats, it’s my perfect school shoe. My father got tired sometimes and would always comment saying, “…you’ll grow tall, what’s all this for. ” , but trust your Bae not to listen. I’m not as tall as I want to be be,  I’m 5’6 but I have hope 😉.
Now in real life, Hahahahaha, yes in real life, I can use half the fingers on one hand to count how many shoes with heels I have. 

I got called to model on a runway for various designers and this was what the rehearsal went like.

 Would love to hear from you! 

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