When Faint Came Knocking 

This post has been sitting comfortably in my draft.😂😂

Well, I’ve always asked others what it felt like to faint. Do they just blank out or do they dream? Does their spirit leave them or something? 

Have you also ever wondered what fainting feels like? Or mistakenly fainted without planning or expecting it? 


It happened three days to my final undergraduate final project defense. I had been running around like a chicken whose head had been cut off while carrying out corrections issued by my project supervisor. 

Death was dancing and running off with final year students steady. We wake up and after two hours we hear that this person you walked home with from the laboratory screamed from his sleep and died. It was scary yes I know, but life goes on. It’s a rat race. 

For me, it was a close call. My supervisor was on my neck, I was designing and almost concluding my departmental yearbook that I had started from scratch, I had even stopped going to the Laboratory. 

That’s true,  I was once a Lab Rat. 😂😂. I started and ended my last birthday while in school in the Laboratory.

Lab rat on the morning of her birthday

Back to the main story. Naturally I don’t sit down at once to eat. I eat in bits. I survived on snacks, juice and fruits. The only time I do that (eat at once)  is during the last meal of the day. Breakfasts and Lunch, no no no. Back then though, now it’s opposite. 

I was killing myself slowly and because I felt I was mainly eating junk food. Due to this, I decided to watch my sugar intake and reduced it. My brain was so on the move that I forgot that sugar is necessary for a very active brain and fat for an active life. 

The day I was supposed to drop off my project work theory with my supervisor I was playing a game with myself. The I would not eat till I am done game. I had not slept up to two hours two nights in a row and the best food I was eating was so kinky, I think bread and tea, then noodles and egg, for protein 😂😂.

At 2:30pm thereabouts I had not met up with the time I was given (1pm)  and even had to rush down to school to submit it. I still had not eaten that day. Getting there,  my super (as I do call her) still made some corrections. I had to run downstairs to reprint some pages (a two story building with one million stairs 😂).

Returning back up,  she made more corrections. Weak from the last trip down, I still carried myself to do what’s right and by the time I was climbing the stairs,  I was pumping the last fumes in my body. 

Almost at the final landing, I felt my body go moist and I slowed down. Deep breath, deep breath. I took one step more, encouraged myself self I could do it and next I knew I came crashing down the stairs. No one was close. I could hear everything they were saying two floors below,  like they were next to me. I felt my project book flip open slowly(maybe it was my brain processing it that way)  from the first page to the last, then tumble from my weak grasp. The only thing left in my hand was my change from the print outs. All the veins and capillaries in my body were beating so loud I foolishly wondered if I could dance with them. Then everything became quiet. Nothing. Not a damn thing I could hear. My eyes fluttered and then closed.  

I do not know how long I laid there. Or who passed and didn’t. 

Then I came to. You know those movies where the person wakes and the sounds come in one by one, like the others are blurred but later the ears fine tune the sound.  That was how it felt. I can remember someone asking if I was OK. I said yes and the person continued on. In my blanket mind, I wondered if that was what happened between the good Samaritan and the injured man. Is it normal to see someone laying down on the stairs? 

My project supervisor and some lecturers found me on the stairs like that after being called by a blurred shape I saw questioning me. I was carried like a babe back up. Coca-Cola was bought immediately to replenish my sugar level. 

My supelrvisor said I fainted. 

For me it was, now you know I have been serious with my project work. 

Lord knows if I was on the previous landing, I would have rolled down the stairs and broken my bones or died. But I’m here sharing my experience!

Would love you to share your experiences. 


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  1. This post had me gasping at a point. Thank God the struggle is over. Lol it’s not easy to be a Nigerian student ehn 😅

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    1. CAMAA says:

      At all o

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