A Taste of Sexual Harassment in Kano

Often times,  it is said when in Rome behave like a Roman. (first thought established) 

I am in Kano. Kano is an Islamic State in Nigeria. I was called to serve my country; to find needs and help out. Everyone in Nigeria knows this. Kano indigenes know this. (second thought established) 

In Kano, there are indigenes, non-indigenes and foreigners. (another thought established)

Here, if you wear anything above your knees, a sleeveless, or a hugging dress,  there is a very high probability you might be stoned or watered. You have to be fully covered even in the heat. The indigenes do this,  the non-indigenes and the non-islamic people do this, the foreigners do not. (First case established)

Why would you leave someone that is from another country to dress as he/she likes and you decide to stone/not sell/water me (obviously a foreigner) who is also not into your belief?  It’s totally unfair from my point of view. They know this, but yet… 

My angry ‘snapchat’ that day 😐😐

The scenario that really pissed me off was the evening I was seeing a friend who just came in from Lagos off after going to the cinema. There we were, hugging and talking saying goodnight and goodbyes and all of a sudden three men rushed to us saying things in angry tones in their language. I was on my street! Two young and one old. One of them,  obviously the young, was carrying a club and they were ready to hit us. 
One moved in to touch my breasts and that was when I became truly mad for the first time in my life. The maddening thing was that this guy was smiling maliciously! My friend told me to calm down that we didn’t know what else they were carrying cause they always move with their dagger. Once/when they kill someone in their blood thirst and they come back to normal,  they would say that was Allah’s will. Like seriously? 

I can be dramatic sometimes 😂😂😀

The older one had to speak to them to leave me alone that I was the Corp member living in that building. My friend had to take permission to briskly accompany me back to my residence in peace and not in pieces. 

That night, I had a taste of what the real Kano feels like. I was initially planning to stay back,  but no no no way to their restrictions and hypocrisy (you really don’t want me to go into that). 

I still see Kano as a beautiful place with interesting people. I share my experiences on instagram #kanoviamyeyes, you can check them out. 

Ever been to somewhere like this? Would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading. 

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