Surviving Kano’s Weather

Michelle Rhianna (MR) moisturizing lotion, Eden glycerin and rosewater, Passion Gel body Cologne, Blossom white body wash and Shea butter. (from L-R)

I’ve been told someone many times that winter is coming here in Kano. So far, they claim what I am feeling is not the real winter.It’s not as sunny as it used to be like a month back.  The air is dry, windy, dusty, geez. When I called home yesterday they said it has been raining. I was like,  please sprinkle some water here…

All the same,  I would be sharing means and ways I adapt my self to Kano’s weather, not adapt, survive! Cause it’s a real survival thingy. 

Here, I’ll be shedding more light on the skin itself. 

Moisturizers! Moisturizer! Moisture! 

You can repeat that again. 

Your bathing soaps, body cream, body lotion and body oil must come into full action. 

Your bathing soap/shower gel/wash should be moisturing, I was advised to use Dove™ by a well seasoned ‘Kanoite’ 😂😂. I went ahead and got something entirely different, Blossom White™, which song far has been divine. 

Body creams should be highly moisturized also. Most people go for Vaseline or Petrolatum based cream’s but I prefer Shea butter, anytime,  any day. The Vaseline gives this glossy look I personally do not like,  so your choice. You might want to try surviving with Shea butter alone but I tell you,  the weather here would make you run back for something more. It alone can not do it. 

Body lotions. I have me a Michelle Rhianna™ body lotion that’s is alone deeee-vine. Lotions give moisture and helps ladies with melanin too. Choose wisely. 

And finally, you can’t do without this for a well moisturized skin. Body oils!  They are important! Especially in the weather condition being thrown here. I opt for glycerin and maybe a spice of rosewater like Eden™. Glycerin cause it also softens the skin. 

Here’s how I merge the combo;  I bathe with my body wash/soap and then mix all three (cream, lotion and oil) in one bowl and apply! To spice it up,  I apply Passion gel body cologne. Same thing applies at night and the skin praises me! 

Would love to hear from you, how you survive you weather. 

Thanks for reading.  😉

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