Scoptophobia – Stalker and I 

Stalking where your picture is sent to you and threatening calls are usually received happends in movies right?

Even if it were to be real, not totally in this part of the world – Nigeria. Or maybe it’s just me.

Here I was minding my own business,  chatting with friends. Few minutes into the chat, a message came in. I can happily share this now that I’m over it.
[8/31, 17:59] ‪stalker‬: Hi

[8/31, 19:25] me: Hello

[8/31, 19:25] ‪stalker‬: How are you doing

[8/31, 19:33] me: Very fine thank you

[8/31, 19:34] stalker‬: Your dp is empty

[8/31, 19:37] me: Hmm

[8/31, 19:38] me: Maybe cause I don’t know who I’m chatting with

[8/31, 19:38] ‪stalker‬: Yes

[8/31, 19:38] ‪stalker‬: Please before I go further

[8/31, 19:40] ‪stalker: I will like you and I to be a very good friends

[8/31, 19:42] me: 🆔 please ?

[8/31, 19:45] ‪stalker‬: My name is Alfred,i live in layout,and am a student to be in BUK

[8/31, 19:45] me: OK……

[8/31, 19:46] ‪stalker: Hope that is OK

[9/1, 08:13] ‪stalker‬: Morning my beautiful damsel😊
He gives me call on another number,  I picked. He said he got my number from facebook and I was like???  I hung up and he called back more than once. I didn’t pick his call anymore mainly because I was busy with other stuffs.

[9/1, 11:40] ‪stalker: Wow I was expecting you to reply my greetings

[9/1, 11:41] ‪stalker: Hope am not making you uncomfortable

[9/1, 11:43] me: You are

[9/1, 11:44] ‪stalker‬: Please Don’t be am jus a lonely guy trying to make some new friends

[9/1, 11:57] ‪stalker‬: I mean no harm

[9/1, 13:33] ‪stalker: I saw you yesterday, is that your little sister?

[9/2, 17:55] ‪stalker: Hi dear

[9/3, 07:54] ‪stalker : Hi dear

[9/3, 07:56] ‪stalker: You don’t reply my msg is that right

[9/3, 23:43] ‪stalker‬: Hi

[9/4, 00:03] ‪stalker: This doesn’t sound like you

[9/7, 12:21] ‪stalker: Hi

[9/7, 18:59] ‪stalker : What do you think

[9/7, 19:12] ‪stalker : Am only trying to be a great friend nothing more I believe if someone ask your hand for friendship you don’t have to turn down the offer you don’t know what the future holds for us,

[9/7, 19:14] ‪stalker : And if you are married is very simple you can tell and I will know my limit but keeping me in in silent is not a good thing please please reprogram your self again thanks am waiting for your reply
I think I know what you are thinking. I later did it. I blocked him from my chats and used truecaller for calls. So far,  I’ve not heard from him.

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  1. Na wa oo! Stalking of the highest degree. Good that you quickly blocked him. Monitoring spirits 🙀


    1. CAMAA says:


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