Testing my Faith

It’s a miracle! 

I can remember taking it out with me and dropping it by my feet so as to hail a tricycle. 


Let me start from the very beginning. 

Once upon a time, in a land undergoing recession, there lived a young girl with little or no as cash at hand. 

It was a Thursday and she was supposed to go for Community Development Service. She decided not to but to sleep in and laze at home. Unknown to her, her uncle and aunt had forgotten the baby’s food at home while heading to the hospital for treatments. 

The young girl decided to live her day free as planned only for her to be summoned to bring the food down to the hospital. She resisted but was weighed down by sympathy and also by the idea of heading over to a friend’s place from there. 

So hence, the young girl,had her bathe, dressed up and set out with her bag and the baby’s food bag. She got to the bus stop to flagged down a tricycle, haggled her fare and hopped. Little did she know that she was just going on a paid ride. 

After twenty minutes of riding, she had gotten to the roundabout that would lead to the hospital when she realized she had forgotten the baby’s bag! 

“OMG! ” she thought aloud in her head. 

“I have traveled this Far for nought? Where might I have forgotten? ”

She immediately told the driver to take her back to the point of pick up. 

She remembered the men sitting opposite the bus stop. She prayed like never before the bag was still there. If it was not, with the men. If not, the almajiris would have taken it captive and that was a very bad thing. 

The trip back felt longer than before. The tricycle driver had asked for triple the haggled price plus an extra 50 on top. She didn’t care, her prayer and hope was on all those three things. Most of all, the part where it was with the men. 

Getting to the scene, so and behold!  It wasn’t there! She was in a strange land, I forgot to tell you and didn’t know how to speak the language. She tried communicating with the men who were still there and the said in their furtive attempt, 

“No bag”

She was still praying while all this was happening. She told the tricycle driver to take her to the house.

As she entered the house, she wanted to give up on her prayers but kept on.

She looked at the settee she had initially placed the bag and it wasn’t there. She was about crashing to her knees, weak in despair when she looked to her right and there it was,  all calm and cosy.

The bag! 

The prayers worked! 
That was my story earlier today. I hope yours is more adventurous than mine 😂😂😂.

Have a faith filled week 

One Comment Add yours

  1. CAMAA says:

    Na God save you. Not even your aunty and uncle that would have finished you, na that baby…….


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