Hair Growth and Care: DIY African Black Soap Shampoo For All Gender

Hi there, 

As you and I have noticed,  it’s been a while I posted on hair care and beauty.

I’m sorry for being selfish. Been focusing on me and trying out different things from my kitchen on my head. Yes!  And I am proud to say,  I have come out successful.

This post is focusing more on a washing product – shampoo. I once wrote about black shampoo and right now,  I’m writing on it again. Isn’t that wonderful? The beauty of one thing? 

Well well, before we launch into how to DIY African Black soap shampoo, let’s know some eenie bitsy things about African Black soap itself.  Here are links with all the story, All About African Black soapBlack Soap BenefitsBlack Soap – the FactsHow to make black soap. The benefits for acne,  makeup remover, discoloration and black spots, shaving, skin and hair generally. 

😂😂😂😂, you were not expecting me to write all that long story here were you? Yeah,  so please do follow the link and learn more about the beauty and duty of black soap, aka, ‘ose dude’.

Now back to making the CAMAA Republic shampoo. What we’ll be using are; 

Black soap (Now N200)
Olive oil (N500). It smells divine!
Coconut oil (Got this size for N200 only)

Finally, warm water. The water would aid the melting of the soap. 

This reminds me of chemistry, 


This was the size I cut off to achieve my final product
  •   Chop or pieces the chunk you cut off from the main black soap and place in empty container (plastic or glass jars),
  • Add one table spoon of olive oil and coconut oil,(since black soap contains oils already,  this is for extra quality.), 
  • Pour warm water and stir/shake it till soap melts. 
  • Tadaaa! We’ve gotten our million dollar shampoo!


  • It is a free-flowing brown liquid shampoo. 
  • It foams like crazy! 
  • Would have a more awesome fragrance if there were essential oils. 
  • Washes hair clean. 


The above created shampoo beats all shampoo hands down and does great work for hair and even the skin. 
Thanks for reading! 

Comment, like and share. You can also suggest what next I should post about hair care. 

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