Kano Via My Eyes – Kano in 60 Seconds

Hello, hello, hello. This is to inform you that the CAMAA Republicans have a right and also an order from the administrator to watch her maybe weekly or sometimes daily post, depending on internet connection out here which tends to be more crappy than happy most times, on Instagram about and on Kano!

Isn’t this wonderful? Of course it is, I know it is.

To those of us who were one like me that have never been to Northern Nigeria, here is an opportunity! And to those who like me thought Abuja is a Northern state forgetting that it actually is North-Central and feeling like they’ve been to the North, you are also welcomed and ordered to click on the CAMAA Republics’ Instagram account to have one on one experience with the Real North, the Lagos of the North and the Centre of Commerce! (Also to listen to my cool voice which has not made it to presenting shows but would… soon… lol)

Check out Kano Via My Eyes on instagram – @camaa_pearl, feel, savor and see the beautiful city of Kano. 
Let’s go there! @camaa_pearl

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