Week two – Handling the Ropes


​There were so many budding romance on camp by the following week. We heard a married lady and a guy were caught somewhere and deployed.

I went for Sunday service but spent half the time outside trying to correct my still recovering body. i had changed my bathing techniques too, gone are the days of bathing morn and evening. My mentality was;

“I am not in my fathers’ house, I don’t have body odor and I am not trying to prove anything to anyone.” My technique was to bath between 12pm and 2pm, after the main drills and when the sun had warmed me enough, bathing at that time cooled my engine well. And if I felt really dirty, 11pm and 1am at night also, which was rare. I timed my going out and activities well.

Three of us in Rm30 put in for Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) audition and two of us got in. The studio was a safe haven for us during boring lectures as time went on. We studied the soldiers and learnt how to hide from them when they come calling for the parade ground.

We had lots of arguments and dramas in that room. It was on point. Everyone had a new nickname in the room. One of us, though quiet was always saying something off the discussion whenever she chose to talk. Another was always hiding in the mosque sleeping. We had a makeup artist who worked on my face during the pageantry. There was another who always bad mouthed the kitchen food but kept collecting it. And there was one who had a song/dance for her bank alerts. Me, I was the one who leaves very early in the morn, seen everywhere with different guys and returns late at night, always second to the last. While the last would say she saw me with man, lol. In my defense, I am a man’s’ lady. ROTFL

Check us out! Kano bold beauties

I had the fourth position for platoon five!

The traditional attire! Representing the Yoruba’s!

Carnival came and went, we were too anxious to leave camp so all we did was for memory sakes. I contested for the Miss NYSC Kano crown and took fourth place. Permit me to say, “I was robbed of my crown”. Thanks to so platoon five, my roommate and a friend that made it successful.

In no time, I learnt how to play pool in Maami market on my second and last Sunday in camp. I began spending more time in the room or OBS studio resting. We rehearsed a dance in the studio but never presented it, the song we danced to was ‘Cause Trouble’, by Olamide.


My soldier crush every camp day.

We finally had our cooking competition with lots of Platoon drama infused in it. It was the last competition as a team we would embark on after our Platoon duty and Man O’War drills.

Instead of climbing ropes, I was busy tormenting my platoon members on Man o’war drilling day.

On the last day, some corps members were yet to collect their allowance. The camp was ready to close and they promised to send it to their bank accounts but no one wanted that. People were broke. The governor was around, sheikhs, imams, various leader were seated for the passing out parade. It was about to commence when other corps members yet to be paid crashed it and started shouting,

“No allawee, no parade.”

On and on they went.

We were the first stream of corps members not to parade out of camp.

We badt like that. No allawee, no parade.

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  1. israel says:

    Bravo! U sabi


    1. CAMAA says:

      Na so!


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