Hands That Stray


Here I was in the night bus trying to be positive and calm. I had forgotten my phone and not prepared with enough junk for the trip. The previous night also,  sleep went on excursion.

We stopped at Ibadan to pick up passengers and that was where my day from turning capsized into something else. My side of the window was not operable so I asked the man sitting in front of me to help me buy water and chip, then I gave him the CAMAA trademarked smile. He smiled back and got everything I needed. 

After trying to watch movie to no avail, read an e-book to no avail too,  I decided to sleep. I noticed this same man’s hand stretched towards me. Let me give you a visual. He was seated in front of me and decided to seat on his armrest – I don’t know why his partner was not complaining – and his arm was stretched like he was going for my bag I placed on the floor. 

Being a Lagos girl,  I thought he was trying to steal from me. With this thought in my,  I placed my foot on my bag, then tried to relax. 

Mr. Stretchy hands was not deterred o. He kept on stretching and when he gets to my thigh, he hovers,  brushes, then I act like I’m having a troubled sleep. It was on the third attempt I realized what he was about.  

He was and is a pervert! I couldn’t even pretend to sleep anymore. Had to start making calls.  When I noticed he sat down normally on his seat again.  I decided to have my much needed sleep. This time around, he didn’t seat on his armrest,  he did it instead from the side of his seat. That was when I captured that photo. 

Captured this before I reacted. We’ve got some psychos on the loose.

Yes,  that! 

I left him to do as he wanted. And next o knew,  he was slowly caressing my thigh!  I grabbed his hands and he withdrew immediately. Then I hit his seat,

“Keep your hands to yourself! What’s wrong with you? ”

He didn’t reply. The only movement he made was to act like he was adjusting the window for a better view. Around 2am! Mind you we’ve been at this game since past ten. 

I banged his seat again, “Don’t try that nonsense with me again.”

I relaxed back into my seat and slept fitfully. The horrors of what could have or have not happened strolling through my brain. Wondering if the action I took was under or over. In my heart,  I knew it was under. 

When daylight finally broke through,  this man with the stray hands had grey hair on his head. I am someone else’s daughter. 

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  1. opetokun says:

    Ahahahaha… Men can be shameless sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAMAA says:

      Shameless. As in
      After the day broke, he changed seat. I can’t really say I know who he is now self


  2. Jeez! We have mad men on the loose oo. In public for that matter. Waste of foetus. You should have embarrassed him more 😒

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAMAA says:

      Waste of foetus. Only you can think of something like that.
      I like it! 😀😂😂

      Yeah. I felt I didn’t do much damage self


  3. Josh says:

    Lolsssss d cammaaaa smile brought d old man into d camma mood…….


    1. CAMAA says:



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