On Unity (Nigeria)

The contents in this poem might not have been presented as written, but all the same, this was the best round-up poem/speech/talk in Karaye Camp, Kano State, Batch A, Stream II. Written, composed and presented by CAMAA as Nigeria.

Killers! Killers!

You all murderers!

Those that came to maim, mutilate and steal,

You that saw, came to help but didn’t share.

Divided people!

Fallen people!

Oh, we are dead and have not woken to the reality of being dead.

He had plaster, chose not to share because of a geographical location,

While he, he had wool, was willing to share but was shunned because of his accent.

When? When?

When would we realize that our decisions and actions determines your brothers’ life and even you,

Your life!

I’m talking to you, to all of you!

The Ibos, Yoruba, Hausa, South-South, Delta-Ibo – All of you!

If only we unite,

You give what you have,

I share what I have,

Without fuss, we would be stronger and better


A tree cannot make a forest; (the second stanza of the National anthem begins in the background by other characters)

Just as the head needs the neck,

I need you, you need me,

Come my brothers,

My sisters, come,

Let us unite. (Keep calling until the song is about to be brought to an end.)



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