Picking up the pieces 

I once published a short piece about my wanting to publish a book at the age of 21. Yeah,  this one  I got comments that helped me chill and review my view about not rushing time.  In reality, I was actually Working on three stories. I was excited and still I’m about them, but I’ve decided…

Kano Via My Eyes – Kano in 60 Seconds

Hello, hello, hello. This is to inform you that the CAMAA Republicans have a right and also an order from the administrator to watch her maybe weekly or sometimes daily post, depending on internet connection out here which tends to be more crappy than happy most times, on Instagram about and on Kano! Isn’t this…

Week two – Handling the Ropes

Me, I was the one who leaves very early in the morn, seen everywhere with different guys and returns late at night, always second to the last.

Hands That Stray

The horrors of what could have or have not happened strolling through my brain. Wondering if the action I took was under or over. In my heart,  I knew it was under. 

the prayer box

These things I do, this melody of an ordinary day, keep the hours in order… strange to think of that. The song of an ordinary life. Mine would be in these letters to you.

On Unity (Nigeria)

The contents in this poem might not have been presented as written, but all the same, this was the best round-up poem/speech/talk in Karaye Camp, Kano State, Batch A, Stream II. Written, composed and presented by CAMAA as Nigeria.

Week one – Learning the Ropes

  Youths Obey the Clarion Call, Let us lift our nation high, Under the sun or in the rain, With dedication and selflessness, Nigeria’s ours, Nigeria we serve.

Road Trip – 16 Hours Only

I was elated. I smiled and told them I was also corps member for Kano. As usual, we all got to telling our stories of how we got to the park, the rain, and the lackadaisical attitude of the Cross Country management. It was already few minutes to eight as opposed to their 5:30am mantra and the door to bus 2448 was still locked. We called one of the drivers’ attention to the locked bus. Next we heard from him was,

“Ah, this is undertakers motor oh. Where could he be?”

Chicken Castle

I haven’t really spent much time in Kano city, but in a month, thanks to the lovely people surrounding me, I’ve been to some restaurants that you might want to try when you decide to surprise me with a visit.