Peeps Who Made Camp

Hello CAMAA Republicans, here’s a list of A-listers in our world. Without them, these camp stories would never make it out.

Number one on the spot goes to the platoon of grace, give it up foooorrrr, FLATOON PIVE!

Second spot tooooo the other nine ladies in the main female hostel, to the normal, weird and weirdests, ROOM THATY!

Next on the list that made it isssss, OH-BEE-SS! OH-BEE-SS!

Also, we have them Soljas and Man-O’War!

Others that made it to the list are the, The Flatoon oppicers, the women in the kitchen, Maami Market peeps and most of all, to other platoons!

In a lay man’s language,

– Platoon Five (175 peeps).

– Room Thirty (9 + me = 10).

– OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service).

– Soldiers and Man-O’Wars.

Thank you all for giving CAMAA a notable experience to share with the Republic. *winks*

Thus, I am also using this medium to introduce my brief camp life story which I have broken down into four parts:

  • Road Trip – 16 Hours Only Or Not
  • Week one – Learning the Ropes
  • Week two – Handling the Ropes
  • Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) – On the Prowl


Happy Camping!

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