Hyperprolactinemia and 20 (3)

I fasted, prayed, got angry, sobered up, accepted my fate but disliked my body. I learnt to live in a body that was not mine.

A week after the dry fasting and prayer, we decided to go see a doctor. The body had not return to normal after being deprived of food and water for a week! So it needed artificial corrections. My mother introduced me to a doctor at the General Hospital. She asked me lots of funny questions and I gave her honest replies. She then told me to come to her office on a Monday, the devil truly is a bad devil. Next thing you know, there was strike! Medical strike. Knowing this, I still went to the Hospital with hopes that they would call it off and say they were just joking but they didn’t. The Doc then told me to return when I hear they’ve called off their strike on news.

A week went by, then another. I ticked my 20th year on earth and was not so thrilled about it because the next was looking bleak. My menstrual cycle was complete. I wasn’t a Mary and I was relieved. I couldn’t bear not knowing what was wrong with my body system. I decided to go visit a private hospital. After purchasing their card and performing all the perform-able rituals, the Doc looked at me and smiled. He went on like this;

“Young lady, there is really nothing to fear if you have not done any of those things I asked you. It’s just an abnormally that occurs two in every ten ladies.”

I didn’t trust him, there were different diseases out there and besides, he was not the one changing and washing bras, neither was he the one bearing the constant baby perfume all over me.

“Is there a drug you could prescribe?” I knew this was bad, pushing the hand of a doctor.

“There are drugs, but it’s best you carry out tests, hormonal so we would know which particular hormone we are trying to suppress. Or you can try over the counter drugs which is not so advisable.” I stared at his smiling face, I felt like punching him. Yeah, I could be violent when I want to be.

I was torn. He gave me a chart for the tests I would be carrying out in the laboratory and there were about six of them, each cost about $50. Where would I get such money? I was without cash and I knew the status at home. I smiled, thanked him and walked of his office.

At gatherings, especially female, I was overly conscious of my body. I didn’t know who to share my dilemma with. Who cared enough to tell me to go ahead with the tests at all cost or to let it off wear off because the doctor said;

“It would go on its own. Let it live out its cycle.”

All was perfect in my world save my breast. I finally got an industry for internship and was checked medically. For that one week of continuous tests – body fluids, solid, blood, physical – I was so scared they would find the abnormally in me and say they couldn’t let me work with them.

One day, I had almost bought an over the counter drug but a spirit told me to leave the store.

Three months later, Internship was over, school resumed, but my body was not normal yet. Two months into school, I decided to open up to close pals and I was shocked at their revelation. The same thing had happened to her but it last for long say a month and some weeks.

With that revelation, something broke in me. I wasn’t going to die at twenty. She was a survivor! I was going to be one. She had been so close to me and I never opened up to share.

I share this now because I was watching a broadcast on TV and the man of God described this case. He told the individuals to stretch forth their hands. My daddy called to me and asked if I was still experiencing it and I smiled and said no. I then realized I had not been grateful to God for my life and sparing me agony of five more months or there about. The Bible says they overcame him by the blood and the words of their testimonies.

I share this not because I want to tell the world this story, hell no! It’s embarrassing. But because I want to encourage you reading this or some you know who might be passing through one abnormally or the other. She testified to me which waxed my faith and hopes stronger which prayer and fasting couldn’t do. And now I am doing my share of the chain. My keeping verse/ confession was

“Though he slays me, yet will I trust him. Even so I will defend my ways before him.” Job 13:15

I carried my burden alone for five months. The first three months, I was seriously conscious of it. The next two months I decided to live like it didn’t exist. After sharing, I lived for over a month aware and not negative about it. Till this day, I can’t precisely say then the fluids stopped flowing.

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