From Here To The Sun And Still Here

I’ve been on and off and I honestly don’t like it. This last “off-ness” was and is actually for a great cause. I really don’t regret it but at the same time, I missed you and I missed out.

The call I had been anticipating finally came through at a most inconvenient time – low funding, less time and rushed plans – but it pulled through and is a success. The National Youth Corps Service call!

Like I published earlier, I was posted to Kano and everyone – family and friends – were against it, save some peeps. Then the Scheme decided to change date and said it was possible they also change the states we had been posted to. My mother took it on as a prayer. I had to join in too. In my heart, I knew it was Kano, whether we fast or not sleep a wink, because of the word of my heart that had been inscribed in heart.

“Wherever you choose Lord, I would go.”

So! Here I am, typing a thousand miles away from home, excited, even high-spirited, to share news of a world away from my world, which might likely become my new world and one of my worlds, enough of the tongue twisting! Lol

Yes, and to those of you who bothered not to confirm if I had been blown to pieces, I am still here, alive and kicking! In the North-East my friend!

I’ll try concluding old posts too, *covers face*, I’m sorry for stretching your throats.

Yeah, welcome back to my blog CAMAA Republicans!

Thanks for your support and love!

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