Hyperprolactinaemia and 20 (2)

Shitless can not explain what I felt that Sunday evening. I had to think and rethink and double rethink. I opted to search the web for answers. What I got were not not promising. I have never tried using birth control pills!

I kept my face. Waited till my mom got back from fellowship and told her about it. She asked if I was sure. I rolled my eyes in my head and wondered if I had ever joked or told her anything personal about my body besides for when I started my menstrual cycle. Why would she think I was joking. By then I was wearing a shirt on my camisole, so I raised it up to show her the spots on them. She then took it serious. She told me to sleep it off,  maybe by morning my body would be back to normal.

Sleep hovered around, with tears in my eyes. All other parts of my body was normal in temperature but my breast were warm and full. Everywhere I turn and slight pressure to the sides or under of them,  liquid came out. I tried recalling the events of the day.

The previous day I had gotten back from my cousin. That Sunday morningi had had a dream of being chased and struck with something. Waking up with slight pain in my chest. I thought about the drug I had taken a week before for cough that was alien to me. I stood up from the bed and went to read the contra-indications. Nothing made sense.

Personally, I thought it was breast cancer. I had read somewhere that liquid coming out of the breast could also mean cancer. Google my bestie brought out many reasons, infections,  stress, over secretion of hormones, diet, contraceptive pills, stimulation of breasts during sex, bla bla bla. Nothing made sense.

I had a new body fragrance. It was milky! I hated the smell. I felt like a cow. Hahaha, I can laugh at it now. In my mind,  I would be like,  bring your cup let me give you fresh milk.

The following day,  my mom asked if it was still flowing. I gave her the answer I was so not happy go give,  Yes. I narrated all my instances to her.  The drug,  the baby and finally the dream. Next thing I knew, I was being told to join the five days dry fasting program in church. That powers were after me.

I called my brother who is the medical doctor in the house and explained the situation. He told me to go for the fasting and prayers. It would help keep me from food and to know what is causing the disorder and secretion.

Thoughts of my delayed industrial training acceptance and fear for my health was eating me up. Taking the first step to getting better,  I conceded.

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