Texas Rich

It’s another book review!
I’m quiet stuck on reading these days. I can’t go out as I used to cause of hike in prices and the predictable unpredictable Lagos roads.

So it’s Texas Rich today.


For a very long while, I’ve been partial to ebooks but nothing beats hard covers. I got three books for my journey up north but since it was postponed, I decided to start reading up. I was too eager.

Now I’m very happy I read Texas Rich at home. I cried and cried. Peeps would have just been looking at me like, drop the book now. Yeah, I’m quite emotional. But tell no man! I repeat, no man, even woman. I think its because of my personal issues too.

Texas Rich was written and based on Family, Marriage and Passion.

It has three more sequels to it, Texas Heat, Texas Fury and Texas Sunrise. I’ve never been a fan of Fern Michaels, but this time, she holds a place in my heart.

Go grab a copy, I won’t spoil the book here.

Young Billie Ames naively fell for the exciting pilot Moss Coleman at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during World War II. Within a few months she was pregnant, married, and traveling across
the country to Austin . . . to the 250,000-acre spread known as Sunbridge and into the tantalizing world of the Texas rich. In a vast land dominated by the industrious Colemans, Billie fights to maintain control of her life and
her marriage.
This is the captivating story of four generations. There’s Moss, living in the shadow of a father whose obsession with power overshadows the needs of his only son; Jessica, the doomed
mother who gave up everything to become the perfect Coleman wife; Moss and Billie’s children, desperately trying to live up to insurmountable expectations; and the grandchildren, heirs to a
tarnished empire who just might fulfill their dreams. Most of all this is the triumphant story of Billie Ames Coleman, a woman of courage and strength who holds them all together—in a
tale as magnificent as the land that inspired it.

Love, deceit, omissions (not lies), affairs, passions, all wrapped in one!
To do away with the tears like I said, I’ll read the reviews about the sequels and smile.

A glimpse? Can you see?

Its a good read from me.

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