Hyperprolactinaemia and 20

One of the scariest moments of my life was when I was turning twenty.

The plan was to return from school and get an industry to carry out my industrial training so I could be awarded my degree after doing all that was required. It was already going to two months, every other person I knew had started but I had not. None of the companies I had applied to had called back. I was getting stressed and tired of home. Depression would smile at me and I’ll ward it off with songs filled with faith.

Two weeks to my twentieth birthday – which I wasn’t really anticipating because honestly I wish I had gotten stuck on eighteen – I had my usual cold,  catarrh accompanied with malaria. Once I sneeze for too long and start feeling cold,  I know the drill – malaria drugs. This time around,  the cough that ushered the malaria was quite dry and friends and family were scared. I was forced to take drugs and not carry out my usual: it would wear off,  science says the body replaces it cells. And besides I’ve heard of the after effects of drugs when one gets older. I don’t want any panadol I used at twelve years of age hunt me down at sixty. Weird right?

So, I tamped down my fear. I went to the mall, entered a drugstore and purchased the shortest dosage for malaria drugs, expensive but hey, I hate taking drugs. Why not take one with a shorter dosage if possible. I also demanded for the best and sweetest syrup for dry cough. It was the first time I would hear of the cough syrup name.  The prescription was to take the malaria drugs for three days and the cough syrup for five.

All went well, save by the fourth day,  I was already better. Malaria gone, cough dead and me, stronger. I ditched the cough syrup aside. I felt better and stronger.

I got a call from my cousin to come help baby sit the following week,  that makes some days to my twentieth birthday and I hurried down to her place. The baby – now my baby – was looking awwww. He was barely six months old. Immediately he was handed over, he placed his head on my chest and I felt so much love.

Since his birth months back,  I was only able to attend his naming ceremony and afterwards I went back to school. For those hours I spent with him,  I fell in love. My cousin later returned three hours later and we smiled good bye.

Getting home,  I took my special reading seat by the window after doing some chores and started reading a novel.  I wrapped myself up in my reading. My legs on the chair and my arms beneath my bust line. I shifted to turn a page in the book when I felt warm liquid trickling down my arms. I thought it was water,  but nope, I hadn’t touched water and it was quite warm. I then noticed my camisole was also wet and the parts hugging my nipples had an off white color to them.

I was scared shitless.

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