Depressed Diaries


With the tomatoes issue in town, my data and WordPress account decided to go on strike. Thank God I’m back to share my brain and finger yours also. ☺;);)

I decided to follow a tag on WordPress, #diary and I was happy when posts turned up.

It was mainly filled with posts from young folks and 95% of them had something in common.

Talks about;
– Depression
– Frustration
– Bleakness
– Confusion
and so many other bad vibes.

I feel those way sometimes. I appreciate the fact that they chose to share it with me, a faceless stranger. But the end of their posts make me wonder what they are doing.

You don’t know me, neither do I. But, don’t over think it or stress yourself. Everyone is going through situations, its how they chose to handle it that made them heartless or caring.

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