Your Choice: Scribbled or Scrambled Eggs

Thanks to the University life,  I had the opportunity to learn few tricks of cooking quality meal with less. While learning these tricks,  I also taught some of mine too. My teaching was focused mainly on frying eggs.

Eggs can be fried anyway,  anyhow with amazing results. But when frying,  one needs patience be it scrambled or just plain eggs. Making scrambled eggs to my roommates then was like climbing Mount Everest with no water. They ended up making scribbled eggs which though delicious did not look appealing to the eyes.

The simple and basic rule while frying eggs, be it with vegetables (tomatoes, pepper, green leafy vegetables), fish(smoked, fresh, crayfish) one has to develop patience.

Patience to:
– not break eggs until you’re about to fry (micro-organisms are everywhere) and I’ve also noticed that eggs that broken before you start cooking don’t look fluffy.
– let the egg simmer for few minutes before stirring. If you stir immediately you add the egg into oil, it becomes scribbled and not scrambled.

Note also that according to USDA National Nutrient Database: Egg, Whole, Cooked, Fried, fried and boiled eggs have the same nutritional value besides the higher fat content of the fried one.


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