Natural Hair: Weekly Regimen

Weekly Regimen
This is the part where everyone laughs at my concussions. But I’ll be giving a teeny weeny speech and let the images do the talking.

Hair needs to be deep conditioned so it can absorb moisture, hence,  hair becomes soft, easy to manipulate and grow wild!
Enjoy some of my natural hair recipe gallery.

Lists of some conditioners for deep conditioning. It is advisable to deep condition after shampooing except you are carrying out a protein treatment. After protein treatments, diluted shampoos should be used.
For strength and volume. Too much of protein treatment drys out the hair hence it is advisable to carry out protein treatment once a month and do other deep conditioning as your hair leads and feels.
Example of a bar soap is african black soap. Shampoos should not contain sulphates cause they dry out hair. It should contain majorly organic products. So far, black soap is the best.
For braids and twists. To reduce build ups and make hair breathe.
Onion mask for deep conditioning. This aids in hair growth especially if one has Apoplecia. It contains high level of sulphur which aids growth of keratin(hair). After this, wash off with diluted shampoo and warm water.
This should be done once a month.
Finally my brethren

Share and recommend to newbies and those having issues with hair growth. These are applicable to both natural and relaxed hair.
Thanks for reading!

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