Insensitive me – I’ve Killed the Old Me

Someone once said I am insensitive. It was during a chat so all I could do was pause mid-typing, think and rethink of the definition of insensitive and ask myself if I was crazy.
Why would someone say that to me! Easy going and sacarstic me😆😆. I tend to put myself in tight corners just because I don’t want to hurt someone or sound wicked. Yet someone said I am insensitive.
Being the insensitive unrealistic person that I have been tagged to be, it is best I kill me and resurrect. God willing I’ll be better than before.
So yes,  we were having an argument. He said his part,  I said mine. Because I didn’t accept his idea,  I am insensitive. We both have brains and are expected to process things before making a decision. For this reason,  I am insensitive to his thoughts.
God save us from insensitive people who think they are always right and if right don’t leave we dull people to accept.

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