Deep Conditioning (For Moisture): Hot oil treatment (pre – poo), Shampoo and Conditioning


Morning! From this side of the world. I’m busy preparing for my trip ahead to the northern part of the country. Service to my country and all.

Yes!Β  I’m making my hair. Myself! Time for another protective style in form of crochet. But before I install them, I’m washing my hair, for I do not know when I’m going to be loosening it. And I have also heard the heat over there is crazy. Besides, my hair (Frolina) is a healthy one and would kill me if I don’t wash her before designing anything on her.

I am deep conditioning today. In the last months, I’ve been carrying out protein treatments but today, I need moisture!

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture.

The best way to derive that is by carrying out conditioning that would aid and support moisture. Keeping that in mind. I’ll be pre-pooing using hot oil treatment, shampooing using black soap and conditioning again.

Pre-pooing means conditioning before shampoo.

Before I go into details, here are the benefits of hot oil treatment;

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment
– treats and prevents dandruff,
– adds moisture to hair,
– adds body, shine and lustre to hair,
– restores moisture level,
– treats dry scalp,
– treats itchy scalp,
– doubles as a prepoo and conditioner,
– adds slip for detangling,
– minimizes breakage,
– helps achieve maximum hydration (if you’re battling with dry hair. Once a week. If semi dry, once a month.)

Oils to use
You can use any oil of your choice; jojoba, castor, argan, coconut, almond, olive, etc.
I use the two must popular and easy to access. Yes! Olive and coconut oil and then a bit of glycerin oil which helps make hair soft!

How to- Hot oil Treatment

– Section hair for easier and faster application
– get a bottle that either has an applicator cover or can be covered with an applicator cover.

My old body spray bottle and an applicator cover from another bottle about to be submerged in hot water.

– boil water and pour into bowl,
– mix oils into the bottle, cover up and place in hot water,
– when hot/warm enough, apply to the scalp that have been sectioned and ensure you massage very, very, very well into the scalp. Remember to still braid the section back as before.
– do this for all sections,
– get polyethylene(conditioning cap/plastic bag) and wrap up hair,
– then wrap with an old T-shirt,
– sit under a dryer and set to warm. Since I’m doing mine at home and seeing to laundry, I used my shower cap(you can use your silk bonnet).
– leave on for 20mins
Wash off with shampoo.

Yes! Shampoo! I’ll advice black soap. Its very very cheap. Got mine for 100naira and that’s not up to a dollar currently. It makes the hair feel pampered. I might about black soap soon and how to make it.

Then I condition again with Honey and the remaining oil in the bottle. Leaving it on for about another 20minutes.
This time around, I dilute the shampoo so all the oil wouldn’t go out.

Still in sections, I finger detangle and leave in section for the incoming protective style.

Frolina feels loved!

Tell me about your hair-xperience


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  1. hohyindah says:

    I think I’m the lazier naturalist I know. I can’t remember the last time I shampooed my hair. I just rinse with water and apply coconut oil or Shea butter. Your regimen seems easy enough and cheap. Would get black soap and try it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAMAA says:

      That’s the spirit dear!
      Imagine you were your hair, won’t you be beating you for negligence? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


  2. NATURALISTAS UNITE! check out my blog πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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