Serving My Fatherland

I have been anticipating this year of my life. Planned it, foreseen it, almost dreamt it and seeing it soon.
I had prepared myself by knowing where to get materials and waiting till the day but I didn’t get shortlisted for the first stream. According to my friend,  it was because I wasn’t ready.  Now,  I am buying my materials already, counting down too. I won’t be left behind.
In line with this,  just like the military and MI6, I don’t know where I’ll be posted to camp,  hence,  I don’t know how the network reception over there would be.
I have decided to post when I can and share my experience as a Youth Corper wherever I am eventually posted to. I’m calling the category Dutifully Serving My Fatherland.
Posts might be less frequent but I promise not to bore and give what I can,  the best experience!
I chose KANO,  KWARA,  CROSS RIVER and ENUGU states.
You can start guessing where I would be posted to.
For me,  I am prepared. (even though I’ve only gotten my waist pouch so far and no handy camera or phone yet.)



They say I love snapping pictures. Forgetting they love pictures. I snap them! I don't know what she was thinking delaying others and snapping snapping away.

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