Throwing The Ritualistic Sunday Stew

You’re not the only one. I’ve thought about it too! I’m doing something about it, it’s left for you to do the same.

Most homes in Nigeria carry out the same ritual every Saturday evening or Sunday after service. It is so part of every household that every Sunday, you know everybody’s food menu.

The Sunday Stew and Rice! If you’re lucky like my home, you get to add beans or moi moi(bean pudding) by the side with steamed vegetables. Some homes prefer salad.

A friend and I once discussed the reason for the Sunday ritual and I think it goes back towards the Biafra war and the likes.

These times ehn. We voted in change and everything has been changing. For better or worse, I don’t know. But personal changes are also needed.

The price of everything has doubled, coupled with scarcity. Its crazy. The Saturday most demanded item in the market for the Sunday stew ritual is one of the Lords in this scenario.

Mom has been complaining of the stress of making stew and I came up with the idea of changing the menu! After all every other day we consume it and its similar in use to the sought after Sunday stew.

Pepper soup!

It’s not just for pregnant women and recovering invalids. For them to consume it, shows the importance.

Mom was like dad won’t like it and I was like, ooooo. I brought out my list of ingredients, here’s it:

– pepper soup spice
– lots of water
– lots of dried fish/ or fresh if you want
– meat (goat, cow, chicken,any meat! Your choice.
– scent leaves (efirin, I hope I got that right )
–  uzuza leaves (to heighten the peppery feel, not necessary)
– seasoning cubes to taste
– salt

And the procedure:
– wash all necessary washables, not the seasoning cubes oooo 😂😂
– put the meat in water slightly above the meat level and turn on the cooker.
– add fish also immediately if strong enough not to melt before the meat is done. For perfect flavor though, add immediately.
– add salt and seasoning cubes
– leave all to simmer and boil till meat is tender
– add pepper soup spice and pepper to taste and leave for about three minutes
– add leaves that have been thoroughly washed. Either chopped with knife or torn with hands.
– leave for five more minutes
– voila! Its ready

Pepper soup at it's best.

– serve with anything in place of the ritualistic Sunday stew (rice, yam, beans, swallows, etc)

You can add about four slices of yam while boiling form the beginning to make it thicker. But what’s the fun if its not in a soupy form?


The Sunday stew jinx has been broken and thrown!

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  1. hohyindah says:

    Yasss!! We’re saved. I’m so putting this on the family’s menu 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAMAA says:

      Way to go!
      You do the Sunday stew too?

      Liked by 1 person

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