Natural Hair: Daily Regimen

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In addition to the last post on natural hair, Worth the Hype, to encourage oneself, one needs to follow YouTube and BBM channels, blogs and even have a friend whom you can share experience with. We can do this – Love our kinks!

NHE-a great channel to follow on BBM

This day, I’m focusing on daily regimen,  using mine as the guideline. You can tweak this to suit you,  that’s the beauty of hair. No straight rule!
There are two things involved with daily regimen,  either the hair is on the loose or it’s in protective style.

Hair on the loose!
Hair needs water, contrary to our beliefs. Internally and externally, water is needed. Hence, you’ll be doing away with Petroleum Jellied, paraben, and sulphate based creams. Most of the products you’ll be using need to have water as the base, that is, water should be one of the first three ingredients.
For daily care of your hair, in line with the list I shared the last time, you’ll be needing ;
– A Spray Bottle
– Water
– Leave-in Conditioner
– Oils (Coconut or Olive)
– Water Based cream Or Shea butter
I use this mixture to save running out of leave-in conditioner and also to avoid build-up. Who likes seeing dirt on their fingers after scratching an itchy spot? Yes, so add about 85% water, 6% leave-in conditioner using the oil to make it up to 100%. This is dependent on your hair texture, you can add more oil if you want. Then you shake it all and spray. This helps moisturize and soften hair. Makes it manageable when combing.
While spraying, massage the scalp alongside,  it aids the flow of blood which aids hair growth alongside.
This is done the after Wash Day or weekly regimen. When most of the leave-in conditioner has been applied.
After all the spraying party, we move to the combing. It’s not advisable to comb everyday as it stresses hair strands. The best option is to have a fixed style for that week and work it out. There is a science to combing. Whether you are doing it yourself or your stylist, it should be done with care. Start combing from the tip to the root,  using your fingers to detangle when a knot Is met. This saves you pain and hair cut or breakage.
All said and done, its best to keep hair in two twist strands or braids and if you are going out,  you can unravel. Style using gels, Bobby pins, scarves and rubber bands. Be careful while using hair accessories so they don’t get tangled in the hair and cause snapping and cutting.
Sleep with satin or silk bonnets or scarves to discourage hair tangling and snapping when it comes in contact with cotton or any other material. For me,  I just lay my satin scarf on my pillow.

Briefly said

In Protective Styles

Protective styles are the braiding with hair extensions or cornrows and threads. They help keep the hair out of sight but not out of care.
You spray as above and once a week, you oil your scalp.
Sleep in satin or silk.
Massage scalp.
Resist making weaves too tight.
I use Dark and lovely’s SOS hairline and scalp soother also when in Protective Styles.

Share with someone and ask questions or give suggestions. We need them.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. skatsz says:

    I just recently figured out how to keep my hair moisturized while in this bob braids I have. I use a similar mixture you described above.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. CAMAA says:

      My pleasure skatsz! 😀


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