When I was a Sexist

I was strolling down the street of instagram the first Sunday Jennifer Lopez released her latest single, AIN’T YOUR MAMA which I stumbled upon.  The tune was catchy, her voice great but I was indifferent to the message  being passed across.

A lot of ladies would fall in love with the song and lyrics forgetting that auntie JLo has reasons for saying that. Auntie JLo got a career; doing something with her time. I bet when she needs to make her hair she doesn’t scramble up to ‘boy’ and ask for cash when he didn’t promise or suggest it.

My fellow ladies would be chanting about feminism, feminism when they’ve not gone to the dictionary to check out the meaning. If you are doing that now,  you need to check out sexism also.

Click on the words here for the urban definition of feminism and sexism

I’ll help out here though,  according to the urban dictionary feminism involves gender equality while sexism involves discrimination based on gender. Feminism doesn’t discriminate but fights, not physical though, for equality; political, social and gender wise.

Here in Nigeria, both are dished out without thoughts to the the women.  The men are always pure just like England of old. What we need to seriously fight and argue about is equal opportunities in employment – why can’t men sit on the front desk? Why do those advert have women paid less for the same job?,  equal access to property ownership and inheritance – why can’t women inherit lands from their fathers? Aren’t they daughters of the soil?  Check out African Women Development Fund for more details on major things to fight for as a feminist in Nigeria.

Men should also be proud feminist as it is not one person’s or gender battle. Imagine your sister was forced or even told to be a bride at age twelve to a man of sixty-two years and one senator is not signing a bill because it is against his religion? Madness? Or your mom was the bride,  I bet you,  you might not be the man you are right now.

For relationship sector,  😂 , spell out want you would or wouldn’t do Before You go deep into it according to Steve Harvey if not, hmm. Then you decide if you are sexist or feminist.

Stop mixing feminism and sexism together. Bottom line is know what you want like Beyonce and JLo have done and stand by it. The message here goes to both gender, grab?  😉

Not everyone have to be in a relationship but most have to be in power or have jobs.  Which would you want to be first: A flawless you or a no mama you?  Think and think again. Be all my dear with sense.

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