Honesty: The Best Policy?

I honestly don’t know what people expect from peeps
You meet someone for the first time
Drop your details and the next thing you hear is I don’t believe you
You ask,  “Would you pay me for lying to you? Or what’s the catch? ”
The person stares at you like you’ve grown a third head
Why can’t we blindly believe people for who they say they are
And think of how far we want to deal with them
We shouldn’t expect honesty all the time
For if the truth comes out
Who will be shamed more
Not you who was being honest I know

I’m tired of being looked upon by guys and ladies alike
Thinking and saying I am behaving and being someone I am not
I am not sure the sun is the sun
But I am sure of who I am
The school I went to
That I don’t have feelings for you beyond friendship
Where I come from
Where I live
If I want to go or stay
Whether or not I want to hang out
Who I want to be
If I want to speak with you

If you meet me today
I tell you I about the traffic
Don’t believe me
But if I tell you about me
You had better take it
If no one else believes
I do believe that honesty is still the best policy
It’s stressful being caught in a lie and trying to lie to cover that lie up
To you I say
What have you got to loose of you are honest?
Cause if you lie,  you are loosing yourself
Self worth too
Stick with honesty
It gives you the edge.

Unconditionally Yours!

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