Dear Future Me

I was tagged unconsciously while going through Dammy’s blog. Now I am writing to the future me. To make this more interesting, I’m also tagging you reading this and imploring that you write to the future you.

Dear future me,

Hello from this time.  I’m sure you’re doing great. I hope you’ve finally achieved doing splits on the floor and wall. It sounds odd now but it was was your headache remember. I hope after having your children your stomach is as you want it and you are not stressing yourself to keep your shape. I hope you are also eating balanced,  exercising well and a model to lots of ladies around the globe.

How was service year? Faithfully served your fatherland or got tired in the process and snuck off? Did you finally get to work with Tiger Brands, go back to uac Foods to tell them? Have you officially started modelling too?

Are you living in your dream house with no walls but glass and veils?

I don’t have any favorite food but seasonal food,  is that still your food mantra. Yes!  Do you still read novels, say your mind and blog?  Or you still think one million times as to why not to not go out and stay at home all day? I hope you don’t get bored now because it was not in your dictionary, common! You always find something to keep you busy.

You once said you would travel out of the country at least once a month,  for either leisure or business, I hope you are doing that now. Do you still dance in the rain? Do you now know what is feels to have warm arms around you on a snowy night in London?

Dear future me, is your hair still natural or you’ve gone to the dark side and added chemicals? Is child bearing and being in a relationship as scary as it is now? Tell me, is your kid as hyper as you are or you’ve auctioned him as promised 😂😂

Future me,  I hope you’ve finally picked a man from all the bevy you had. This man,  I hope he knows who he has.  A lady with a strong and sound mind. Is he tall as you always have said he must be and doesn’t have breathe issues? Makes you laugh?  Listen to you? Ambitious? Is he also a romantic like you?  Believes there is a God? I hope so too.

Your brothers, did they finally beat someone up for you? Don’t look at me like that,  you once wished they scared or beat someone away for you one day.

Do you now have event centres spread all over the place and on a high pinnacle in your career. Renowned? Have you started building your charity project? The five 🌟 restaurant too?

Dear future, are you still like this? Finally learnt to swim long distance without the fear of drowning?

Future me,  I hope you have friends you meet with once a month for retreats, picnics or hangout. Don’t even say no,  because that was the plan. Are gowns still the best garment to wear? Anytime, anyway,  anywhere?

I trust you are happy with happy people around you. That was the main plan. No matter what you’ve done or not,  you are meant to be happy.

Unconditionally yours,

Unconditionally me

P. S.  Did you finally get drunk once to know if you would be calm and philosophical or wild and loud? 😆😆😂😂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. hohyindah says:

    Awww this post is awesome and hilarious. Your brothers beating up some guy for you? Hahaha 😹 And come on, getting drunk too? Nice write up 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAMAA says:

      Thank you muse. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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