Hello CAMAA Republicans! 🙌🙌

It’s been a long while.  I am sincerely sorry for the break in transmission.  Let’s say I got carried away with my life. I have decided to tune up what I share.

I’ve found that I was trying to operate and run my blog like it was someone else’s. Now I know better.  I am running it as mine.

Love me up,  cause I’m going to be sharing things that pop into my head. So many crazy thoughts that are not meant for polite/civil company would be curbed though except I fight me and society well. I hope you understand that previous line.

Instagram has been my latest hook. You can check me out 🙋 @camaa_pearl on instagram. Read my latest post and the likes.
I recently posted a poem titled ‘Falling’ and I’ve gotten all sorts of reviews.

The latest instagram post.

Learning to get my pressy legs back.  When I’m on my word pressy leg for real,  might share some thoughts and reviews concerning my ‘Falling’post.

Thanks for reading and I’m hoping I don’t wander again.

Unconditionally Yours,

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