Learning to Love Letters

If you have feelings, show them. If you want to be damned, write them – Anonymous

According to Dictionary.com, letters are written or printed communication addressed to a person or organization and usually transmitted by mail. Also, they bring friends or relatives closer together, enrich professional relationships and provide a satisfying means of self-expression. Read more about letters here.

Writing and posting letters were means of reaching out to loved ones. It shows that one actually sat down to pen not type words to someone dear. Unlike our personal lives, Organizations understand this and keep their relationships alive by means of sending letters and mails.

I admire marriages where the groom and bride write their own words of promise and devotion. It’s stressful, but romantic. Short torn pieces of papers between friends and colleagues. Now that is fun.

Thanks to technology and other means, the art of letter writing is dying and slowly fading off as generations come. The art of letter writing is both crazy and funny because one tends cancel a lot. Toss a paper here or there. Stop writing then going back to it. Letter writing is not a small something at all.

This season, I think we would show more love if we can actually do the crazy and funny thing by penning down a love letter to someone dear. Not just going online to pick another person’s word. Letter writing on its own is an art, but who cares? Other than the person you are writing to anyways?

Pick your pen or keyboard and write away!

Love zone .
Here are some first words you could try out if it seems a little difficult to start…

You can contact me for help along the line if you encounter any issue with the body.

Love zone
... and even last words.

Have a ‘splufic’ Valentine ahead…

Unconditionally yours,


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