Seat No. 13

Yes, I did it. I made up my mind to hit the road just like Timi Dakolo. A great hit it was. Been receiving comments and urges to tell about my trip and hence, here it is. *I think hence is my favorite word for now.*

So like I said earlier, I decided to pack my bag and hit the road like Uncle Timi, though pals didn’t want to see me go but they had no choice but to wish me well. Thanks for your wishes, they really did work and here I am sharing bits of what went on inside the wishes… I could actually imagine myself inside the Wish Bubble, lol, too much cartoons.

Hmm, I did a little research on how to get to my destination and found out that I could go via three main means of transport.

  1. Rail (18 hours +)
  2. Bus (11 hours +)
  3. Airplane (45 minutes +)

If I followed option 1, I would have to go on and on and would likely spend though it’s the cheapest. Besides, I’ll still have to board a bus from the terminal and ride for anoher one hour plus or so. Hence, I cancelled it off my list.

If I followed option 2, I would decide to leave in the evening and get there in the morning or leave very early and get there at night.

Finally, if I followed option 3, all would be well but my budget would be cut from 4’8 to 2’1 , lol.

Hence, as a wise Lagos girl, even though I have not had a train experience, I wouldn’t want to destroy an experience as lovely as that, hence when I’m in Britain or US of A, I’ll be more comfortable to try it out I think. I decided option 2 would be best and not only that, I would go at night. So instead of having a first train ride, I’ll be having a first night ride.

The day arrived, and I had to go to the park on time to register. I got there around 12:25pm, got registered and was told the bus would leave between 3 and 4pm and I thought to myself, “I can’t make it back home to return on time, hence, (I’m actually slowing down to type this now) let… me… wait… here… so… I… wouldn’t… be… left… behind…” I was asked if wanted a seat beside the window, I said “Yes”. So it was, my ticket was handed to me and I saw various chicken feet dancing and twerking about the paper as per handwriting. “Whatever” I thought to myself, “They are the ones looking at their ticket not me”. I noticed something that looked like a number but i ignored it.

You know those cartoons that they depict waiting in such a lovely way, where the character keeps changing position? Picture that, hold it… yes. I waited, and waited, and… waited.

It was 5:30pm already. I met a guy who was going to Kaduna and we kicked off. The first next question he asked me was,

“What’s your seat number?”

Oh, there are numbers too? “I don’t know”

“Give me your ticket” he goes through it and says, “Do you know who’s seating in 14? If not, change to seat 2”

I smiled politely and said no. We discussed, and he kept going to my seat no. I finally decided to change it and that was when we realized I was following a separate bus.It was painful, he is a good conversationalist and would have help through the journey. He was even pleading with them to change his ticket to my destination but as fate would have it, we had to part. ( I hope he is not reading this. lol)

I got into the bus, a luxurious one, another first and I was ‘waohed’. He bid me farewell and left, but before he did, we spied a Chucky sized doll and it terrified me at first but I sucked it up. I felt happy that there was no visible seat 14 passenger available. We did all the ‘rigmarole’ as my mom would say and by the time we were ready to move at 8:20pm, number 13, met number 14.

14 was like the number, bigger than 13 in every way, very loud, snored, owned the life sized Chucky doll, exceeded her 14 territory and entered 13, because of her size and finally had a perfume that permeated my nostrils and that translated into sour stew in my brain. I got used to the perfume after sometime but whenever she moved, gosh!

My conversationalist later sent an image of the seat number 2, it was empty, it was painful.


Took some shots of Chucky when she got down to relieve herself. Scary Right?

That was how I journeyed for over 11 hours and ended up looking like what a cat would have dragged in.

I’m still recovering from my ordeal, but it was fun. Would love to hear about your travel experience, whether by bus, train, air or even a bike. Toodles!

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  1. fako_KWT says:

    Chicken feet dancing and twerking about the paper??!!!! LMAOOOOO. This is post has everything, Thumbs up!


  2. Olakunle says:

    Ahaha!! Friendly experience there! Mine was a night but travelling from Nasarawa to Lagos. I arrived early at the park hoping to leave before 8pm, but by 8pm, the bus was nowhere near half full. I thought to myself, where will I sleep tonight. Unknown to me that night travellers are used to coming to the park late at night. To cut the long story short, the bus was full by 9:25pm. But my challenge was that I experienced the night at the Tower of Babylon where no one understand each other’s language. All the passengers on the bus are from different tribes, most passengers are in pairs or threes. At first, I thought this is a set up, my goose bumps started pushing out because the park is 2hours from my initial destination so you can’t cancel the trip as its dark already no bus to take you back home. As a good church kid, I decided to recite my Psalm 23 to get my confidence back. When our bus set out to journey to Lagos, I reduced the volume of my earphone so I can manage to decipher something from other passengers murmuring. It was then I discovered that one in every three understands a bit of pidgin, and the driver knows their language – Hausa language, unrecognized languages and one Akwanga language. During the night trip, when we reached one Nigeria Police checkpoint my fear returned, I don’t know why o, but something in me feels Policemen too can be dangerous. Well, at the end of the stop-search my expectation of the Policemen was disappointed, they didn’t collect anything. Yes! In the middle of the night, all passengers are already sleeping, but me I keep drinking my bottle water to stay awake, that helps me to see Abacha barracks in Abuja (back of Aso Rock), see the beauty of Abuja roads at night, see bad Lokoja and Edo federal roads. The story plenty my people. Make I stop for there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAMAA says:

      Lol, I can only imagine the confusion . Tower of Babel indeed


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