Keeping Mima (3)

May 3,                                                              2014

Late again. I went to the office late! All because this…this…. Well, I could have gotten rid of it. No one knows for sure. They are all looking at me with wary eyes. They know nothing.

I thought it was just the bakery, now its bread. My favorite, coconut bread. After eating this morning, got into the car and three minutes of trying to hold it down, I spilled. Had to go back home to change and all. I was laughing at what Toby might have said. ‘Oh how the mighty have fallen’, maybe.

I wish I had that wine the other night. Today would have been different maybe. Cole Holdings backed out. Left me hanging. Now I have to look for a manager. I need to leave this job. Maybe it knew this was what would happen that’s why it disturbed my conscience not to drink the ‘pre-celebration’ wine. I can’t wait to start up Kabreeana’s Pot.

I couldn’t eat with BJ and he didn’t care. My boy is turning out to be a man. Well he has to, in case something happens.

Toby has not called. He promised to. He ought to be back, it’s Saturday already. God knows what he has been up to wherever he is. I’ll call him tomorrow I guess.

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