Dara Oladapo || Geek With Life

Hello … dear!


Here we have it, our first Geek – with Life! Drum rolls please…. with that resounding last beat.

Okay, okay, okay. It’s not been easy chasing a geek around seeing as they are busy with their passion. The honor of presenting and interviewing Dara Oladapo to you and yours is mine, enjoy!


I Know What Your Passion is, 😉 , It Started?

My passion for computers was sparked around 2003 when we got our first desktop in the house. I saw it as another one of the devices to have fun with (I had always had a thing with opening stuff up to see what goes on inside them).

This machine became my night companion for the coming months. I would just sit and explore whatever I could. Along the line of my exploration, I stumbled on HTML, well I have been curious about how programs were written. I used to think it was just the way you give normal instructions to humans, well maybe it is to me now. HTML sounded cool to me running Microsoft FrontPage on brother’s Dell Laptop. I then decided I was going to study Computer Science to be able to know more about Computers.

I got more and more interested in different areas of tech, reading about new things, testing them out and sometimes spoiling my (our) desktop. Hardly have I had a device I haven’t opened up within the first 6 months.


I Once Had a Passion For Arguing Everything But Have Stopped and Moved on to Something Else, Why is Yours Still for Computers and Tech?

Why the passion for computers? Oh, I think I’ll just say I think I am just in natural sync with tech. Sometimes it’s even hard to explain why I love tech so much. But for simplicity sake and aligning with my personal insight, I would say I love being geeky ’cause ‘geekiness’ is the coolest thing (trust me, IT IS). The world of tech is what everyone wants to get into and I want to be one of those who build and talk about that tech.


We see… Well My Passion For Something Else Makes Me Feel Alive in Various Ways, But Since I’m Not Being Interviewed, How Does Yours Make You Feel?

Seeing the way technology has been helping to change lives around the world, anything about tech sparks my interest. It makes me feel I can also help change lives, of which I have already started doing.

Your Favorite Part of Being A Geek Is?

I always enjoy seeing tech being used to change lives (especially if I am a part of it). Hence, changing and touching lives is my favorite part.

You can reach Geek Dara Oladapo on his personal site/blog at http://geekwithlife.com , or check for his updates on Facebook – http://fb.me/daraoladapo and Twitter – http://twitter.com/daraoladapo and yes, he is currently a Technical Evangelist Intern at Microsoft. You can check out at http://channel9.msdn.com/niners/daraoladapo


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