Keeping Mima (2)

April 30,                                                          2014

I was late to the office today, the merger I’ve been proposing to Cole Holdings might finally come through. I feel like taking a glass of wine but I can’t. At least I’m trying this time.

This one is proving stubborn.


I can’t remember feeling this way with BJ. Over a month now, I’ve been conscious of it and that’s after two months of being with it. He still doesn’t know yet. I think we’ve been too familiar with each other. What does one expect of a twelve years marriage? But Toby and I are different.

I’ve been doing suspicious things lately, sometimes I would stretch out, smile while subconsciously patting my tummy at work.

He looks at me funny and even Patricia at work smiles like she knows my secret. But I wouldn’t give myself false hopes. Is there any wrong hoping for the best but expecting the worst?

I don’t think I can stand the bakery in this condition. When I picked BJ from school and branched to the bakery to get bread for breakfast tomorrow, I ran outside. Thanks to my little Knight, BJ, who went in instead.

I need to lock the doors before I fall asleep, Toby traveled this morning to be back in three days.

I’m missing him already.

P.S. When everywhere is quite like right now, I feel tiny fluttery movement within.


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